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Safe, All-Natural Pain Relief that

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Are You Living With Pain?

Try One Hour Pain Relief  ...It's Different!

It's made from hops, the plant used to flavor beer. The humulones in hops relieve ordinary aches and pains without the dangerous side effects of drugs by blocking the COX-2 enzyme that produces inflammation. 15 years of research resulted in a natural herbal supplement that can provide all-day relief from ordinary aches and pains in joints, knees, hips, back, muscles, menstrual, arthritis, head, and more. And it goes to work in less than one hour!

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"I survived a massive explosion in Iraq, but was left with lingering pain in my head, neck, back and knees.

I was on all kinds of nasty drugs, until a friend told me about One Hour Pain Relief. Now, I'm off all the drugs and living pain free!"

- Lisa B., Former Marine

  Buy It, It Works!

"I was looking for a natural pain reliever for bad back and hip pain. Aleve and Advil make my ears ring,and I have concerns with Tylenol and my liver. I saw the ad and tried Vinoprin One Hour Pain Relief. It works. I buy on Amazon all the time and seldom write reviews, however this time I have to. This stuff works, and works great."

- Butch

  This product is everything it promises.

"It helped my pain almost immediately and I have ongoing, chronic pain. It's definitely worth a try!"

- Leanna S.

  I Love This Product!

"I have been taking it for years without any problems, except the few times I have run out. I only take 1 cap a day even though 2 caps are the normal dose. I'm in my 60s but feel like 40."

- Amazon Customer.

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  Absolutely amazing for chronic pain management

"Was able to discontinue most of the highly toxic prescription meds."

- Dale B.

  My grinding pain is gone

"Of course there is always some doubt about buying things on the internet, but I decided to give this a try since my severe bone on bone osteoarthritis was making my life hell. I have to be on my feet working almost 12 hours a day and was not getting much sleep at night. One of these softgels later and I felt my body relax and the pain decreased a LOT. This product is fabulous. I had no digestive issues, but I did take it with food as recommended. Now I sleep better and am able to cope very well with my day. I will re-order!"

- Patty H.

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